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    macOS Big Sur: Introduction


    macOS Big Sur is the 2020's Release of Apple's Mac Operating System starting with product version 11.0

    We have listed the direct download link of macOS Big Sur below. The image is bootable itself. Big Sur can also be downloaded from Mac Appstore for 3-4 years from the date of release. We offer direct download links to dmg because this allows downloading macOS Big Sur from Windows, Linux, and Other Operating systems. On a few occasions, Mac Appstore downloads crash too, Unlike that this download is resumable.

    Big Sur is redesigned from the previous macOS Catalina and packed with enhancements for applications like Safari, Messages, and Maps, Big Sur also includes new privacy features. Big Sur has been engineered down to its core to take full advantage of the new M1 chip Introduced by Apple.

    M1 Chip is available in the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini. The combination of M1 & Big Sur takes the macOS experience to a whole new level with great capabilities, unbeatable efficiency.

    macOS Big Sur includes a new design and improvements to Safari Browser, Messages, Maps, and Other Apps.

    Refreshed Design: Focused and Familiar

    Big Sur introduces a new design that makes navigation easier while leveraging more controls to users. From the edge of window corners to the palette of hex colors and materials the thoughtful design will benefit everyone.

    Dock icons appear more consistent across the Apple ecosystem for a more cohesive look and feel. A new design for apps makes it easier for users to stay focused on their content and interact with Mac Apps. Buttons and controls appear when needed and recede when they are not which reduces visual complexity and brings the most relevant content infront.

    Control Center which has been introduced with Big Sur gives users access to controls for Do Not Disturb, displays, keyboard brightness right from the menu bar.

    Users can view important relevant information at a glance in the Notification Center. Notification Center includes interactive notifications and redesigned widgets.

    • New-Control-Center-Big-Sur.jpg
      Redesigned widgets offer users relevant information at a glance.
    • Redesigned-widget-Big-Sur.jpg
      The new Control Center gives users access to controls right from their desktop.
    • Dark-Icons-Big-Sur.jpg
      Dock icons have been redesigned to appear more consistent across the Apple ecosystem, while still retaining their Mac personality.

    Safari: Faster, More Personal, and More Private

    Safari’s JavaScript engine helps it outperform other browsers on Mac and PC, and loads frequently visited sites an average of 50 percent faster than Chrome. On new Macs with M1 Chip, Safari performs faster up to 1.5x at running JavaScript and nearly 2x more responsive. 4K HDR Streaming is possible with Netflix and Youtube. Newly designed tabs make navigating Safari faster and more efficient by showing more tabs onscreen revealing page previews on hover over tabs which also displays favicons.

    Safari offers an even more personal experience while browsing the web, like a new customizable start page where users can add a personal background image, Reading List, iCloud Tabs, and more. With built-in translation, Safari can detect and translate entire web pages from seven languages, and new Safari extensions are easily discoverable for download through the Mac App Store with categories.

    • Big-Sur-Safari-Tabs.jpg
      Mac users can now see more tabs onscreen, and page previews appear when hovering over tabs.
    • Big-Sur-Safari-Home-Page.jpg
      Safari is now even faster and features a customizable start page for a more personalized browsing experience.

    Safari is now with an innovative new Privacy Report that gives users an instant snapshot of internet trackers Safari prevents from profiling them on the web. New tools like data breach password monitoring keep an eye out for previously saved passwords that may have been compromised all without revealing a user’s account information.

    In order to prevent extensions from having access to the users of the website visit, the tabs they have open, and, in some cases, even what they type, Safari ask users to choose when &which websites can work with a Safari extension.

    With an incredible boost in performance, greater efficiency, new customization options, and improved privacy features, Safari delivers the best browsing experience on a Mac.

    New Privacy Report gives a snapshot of the trackers Safari prevents from profiling users on the web.

    Messages: An Even More Engaging Experience

    Messages on the Mac offers new tools to help users manage their favorite group conversations fun & engaging ways to express themselves. Users can pin conversations to the top of their Messages list for fast access, and search has been completely redesigned to help users quickly find links, photos, and matching terms. Messages for Mac also works seamlessly across all Apple devices, so stay in sync.

    Fun effects enable Mac users to add personality to their messages with balloons, confetti, and more. Users can even create and customizeable Memoji right on the Mac and express themselves with automatically generated Memojis stickers that match their mood and personality. With a new photo picker and images, users can easily share images, GIFs, and videos from Mac easily.

    Group messaging features streamline interactions with family & friends. Inline replies give users the ability to respond directly to a specific message in a thread. Users also can send a message to an individual in a group conversation by simply typing their name, and choose to receive notifications only when their name is mentioned also a users can assign a photo or emoji to a conversation to further personalize their group messages.

    • Big-Sur-Messages-Photos.jpg
      Sharing the perfect photo, video, or GIF in Messages has never been faster or easier.
    • Big-Sur-messages-pinned-messages.jpg
      With the ability to pin conversations in Messages, users can easily stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.
    • Big-Sur-messages-personalization.jpg
      Users can create and customize Memoji on the Mac, and share Memoji stickers that match their mood or personality.

    Maps: The Next Adventure

    Maps have been entirely redesigned and bring exciting new features for exploring the world on the Mac for Travelers. Users can identify new places to visit and things to do with Guides from brands they trust, as well as create custom guides of favorite restaurants, parks, and vacation ideas to share with friends and family.

    Look Around provides an immersive 360 degree view of a destination. The detailed indoor maps help with navigating major airports and shopping centers. For the first time, cycling and electric vehicle trips can be routed on a Mac and sent directly to the iPhone to have when on the go.

    • Big-Sur-Maps-Guides.jpg
      The redesigned Maps app looks amazing on the Mac, and Guides help users discover and learn about destinations.
    • Big-Sur-Maps-Cycling-Route.jpg
      Cyclists mapping their rides can now plan for everything from elevation changes to live street traffic.

    Privacy: Transparency and Control

    Privacy is at the core of the Mac experience, and Big Sur expands on its privacy to bring new levels of transparency and give users more control over their data. Coming this fall Mac App Store will include a new section for each product page showing a developer reported summary of the privacy practices of an Application.

    Inspired by the convenience and readability of food nutrition labels, the information offered includes the types of data the apps might collect use & share.

    macOS Big Sur builds on Apple’s industry-leading approach to privacy with greater transparency and user control.

    Developers: Bringing More Apps to Mac

    With Big Sur, Apple’s community of more than 28 million developers have access to the tools they need to create amazing experiences for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Xcode 12 makes it easy for devs to update their existing Mac apps to Universal 2 application binaries, adding native support for both M1- and Intel-based Macs within a single app.

    With access to the full power of the M1 chip. And with the Neural Engine now coming to the Mac, developers have new opportunities for amazing machine learning apps.

    Rosetta 2 is a technology in Big Sur that enables existing Intel apps not yet upgraded to Universal to run seamlessly on Macs with M1 Chip. With the power of Metal and M1, developers will see some of their most graphically demanding apps perform even better under Rosetta 2 than they did running natively on previous Macs with onboard graphics.

    Developers can also choose to make their iPhone and iPad apps available to Mac users without doing any extra work, so users get access to a greater range of apps than ever before.

    Rosetta 2 enables existing Intel apps not yet upgraded to Universal to run seamlessly on Macs with Apple silicon.

    When Mac Catalyst debuted with macOS Catalina last year, developers were able to easily bring their iPad apps to the Mac. Mac Catalyst apps automatically inherit the new design of Big Sur, and developers get access to powerful new APIs for greater control over the look and behavior of their apps.

    SwiftUI also gets an upgrade, enabling devs to write entire apps and widgets with shared code across all Apple platforms and easily add custom Mac features.

    Download macOS Big Sur

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